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I like watching horror movies and yelling at the characters as if I expected them to heed my frantic warnings; organizing my hundreds of books in piles made of piles that also have piles because that's not obsessive compulsive at all - my shrink says so and I choose to believe him, thank you very much - and I'm way too fond of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Rating system: 5 stars - This is perfection. Buy it, take it home, read it and embrace it at night before you sleep. 4 stars - This is a great book. It wasn't blow-you-out-of-your-mind-and-made-your-toes-tingle-and-your-insides-flutter but it's practically there. 3 starts - Some setbacks. It had a lot of potential but ended up not living to all of it, but it's a good book nonetheless. 2 stars - Yeah... Bad. It wasn't complete crap, but it didn't exactly make me want to do a Glory Dance in its honor. 1 star - Crap. This is crap. Use it as paperweight, or a doorstop, or maybe give it to someone you really dislike. Then tell me all about it..(less)